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December 11, 2012

[email protected] Reports on the Benefits of Leveraging Smart Mobility for B2B

Mobile technology is influencing virtually every industry that uses technology as part of their business operations. The rapid adoption of BYOD (bring your own device) policies by organizations is one of the main reasons smart mobility has to be leveraged not only for business-to-business (B2B) brands, but anyone that wants to stay relevant in their industry. The report by [email protected] is aptly titled; "Hidden in plain sight: How mobile is quietly revolutionizing the B2B world."

The report was put together after researchers looked at large B2B brands and the stakeholders in these businesses. The companies in the research report represented more than $555 billion in market capitalization. The goal was to understand where they were placing their focus, opportunities and prospects. The report outlined three key areas where mobile is impacting B2B brands, and they are: mobilizing the enterprise, mobilizing marketing and mobilizing products and services.

By working with the world’s biggest B2B brands, such as IBM, UPS, Cisco, CDW, among others, [email protected] has an insight on the direct impact smart mobility has on these companies.

"The prevalence of BYOD policies across enterprises has meant that more B2B brands than ever before can utilize 'smart mobility,' that is, designing mobile services and communications to seize competitive advantage. Both employees of your own organization, and those you sell to or distribute through, are experiencing significant adoption of smart mobile devices for use throughout their working lives. The popularity of BYOD itself is a testament to the strong demand for the value of smart mobility throughout the enterprise," said Jeff Stokvis, director, Digital Strategy, OgilvyOne, and author of the report.

The value of BYOD in B2B is it brings brand awareness, customer loyalty, increased sales, and overall efficiency. The report is being released today at APPNATION, a conference and exposition dedicated to the mobile app economy.

"Earlier this summer, Gartner told IT executives to 'just say yes' and embrace the BYOD movement despite the security, fragmentation, and productivity challenges that come as a result. BYOD, and the need for scalable and flexible enterprise-based, mobile business solutions, are facts-of-life across all businesses. Today at APPNATION we will hear from the pioneers and leading practitioners in building, deploying and managing mobile business solutions across the B2B/ enterprise landscape," said, Drew Ianni, founder & Event Chairman of APPNATION.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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