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January 07, 2013

New Innovations in Device Charging

Most people have used or continue to use devices that require battery charges for prolonged use. Be it a mobile phone, notebook, tablet device or e-book reader, consumers are constantly faced with the hassle of dying batteries that require constant attention to keep their wireless devices in operation.

But the times may soon change.

According to a report from BusinessWire.com, Alta Devices recently revealed “designs for the world’s lightest, and highest energy density, flexible military charging mats. The smallest of these chargers, which convert light into electricity, weighs just four ounces, has dimensions that are slightly larger than a sheet of paper, and can provide significant power to a soldier in the field without the need for an alternative fuel source.”

Great innovations developed by the military always seem to find their way to the commercial market if useful to the public. This means Alta Devices may become the pioneer to new developments in charging, ushering in an era of placing our Wi-Fi devices near sunlight or alternate light sources, rather than plugging them into a wall.

Energy use and its conservation are becoming more important to consumers, especially during times when costs are high and prices are trending upwards. As more people adopt portable devices that require constant battery charging, the demand for energy efficient and alternative methods of charging such devices will inevitably increase. 

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This fact alone offers unique opportunities for companies such as Alta Devices to develop alternative charging technologies to sell on the commercial market.

Charging devices that utilize alternative sources of energy to power mobile and Wi-Fi devices will revolutionize this aspect of the market. According to the BusinessWire report, these charges could indeed be “introduced in unmanned systems, consumer electronics, automobiles, and a variety of industrial, remote power applications.”

As wireless and portable devices continue to dominate the electronic marketplace, charging ability will have to undergo a shift to meet the consumer demand for keeping devices running longer on battery life.

Those companies that are able to develop inexpensive technologies that make charging products less of a hassle will reap the benefits of a captured market already equipped with devices that require a constant recharging.

Edited by Braden Becker

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