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January 09, 2013

WiseSec Protects Users When Shopping On-the-Go

WiseSsec is just one of the many new developments in the mobile industry that has changed the realm for shoppers and retail merchants alike. As we have seen with the creations of Singapore based companies like Sprooki and YFind, the next new trend in the retail world exists within our mobile devices.

New apps and programs for mobility shopping are being used all around the world, just like we have seen with Moscow’s latest induction of WiseSec. But unlike other programs that have surfaced, WiseSec’s main goal is to ensure the security of consumers, along with powering a revolutionized shopping experience.

WiseSec is startup data security and tracking company that provides located-based security policy rules for mobile devices. It has created its own service called CelluSec, which uses micr-location based policies in order to protect consumers from data leakage without being forced to change a devices operating system.

Mobility shopping allows retailers to transform a shoppers experience by providing direct access to coupons, suggestions, check-in options and tools to help navigate throughout the stores. Retailers are able to use these programs as a way to figure out each shopper’s personal choices by tracking their foot traffic around the store. Although this increasingly popular trend has opened the door for new marketing strategies and shopping endeavors, it introduces privacy and security issues that consumers now face.

WiseSec, while it serves the function of most mobility shopping creations, also addresses a major safety concern that consumers have. Mobile devices have become essential in both the home and workplace, where enormous amounts of private information are being stored. These new mobile shopping apps, while they don’t sound harmful, increase the risks of privacy invasions.

With the creation of this innovative security software, WiseSec is able to provide protection for its users while simultaneously bringing to light the new threats that mobile users are being forced to deal with.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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