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January 11, 2013

Are You Ready to Rave?

Raved is the latest edition to the endless choices of mobile apps created to redefine the way users experience reviews when searching for the next “hotspot.”

There are many different ways users can find out information about the latest news in nightlife, dining and travel through the Web. A simple search on Google can lead you to the grand opening of a new favorite retail store, or even the best island to travel during the month of November. But with so many voices and outlets, opinions can be skewed and overloads of information become time consuming to dig through.

To appease these overwhelming difficulties, Raved’s new mobile application for iOS and Android users hopes to change the way people discover their new favorite “spots.”

To discover new places, Raved makes it simple by compiling all the Raved-about establishments and offer users services like mobile reservations, promotions and recommendations. To reduce the hassle of Web searches and recommendations, Raved’s one-stop-shop method is a valuable source for those on the constant search for new boutiques, restraints, nightclubs and travel destinations.

Jumping on the social media back wagon, Raved automatically connects your social networks like Facebook and Twitter so that users can share their likes and dislikes. This provides a level of comfort that can’t be found when you read reviews from a random author, creating a sense of trust in the Raved community.

Instead of relying on a random source, Raved allows you to search through “friends” linked by your social media accounts and read about the vacations they have visit or favorite shopping centers.

Raved is available for free download in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play, users who log in and connect with Facebook will be able to see recommendations from their friends and other Ravers they choose to follow.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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