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January 17, 2013

Sprint Recognized with 2012 North American Frost and Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement

Frost and Sullivan, a growth partnership company, has recognized Sprint with the 2012 North American Frost and Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement.

Sprint is a provider of comprehensive wired and wireless communication services and provides absolute mobility and freedom to consumers, government users, and businesses.

Based on Frost and Sullivan’s latest analysis of the mobile communications and collaboration market, Sprint stood out from the others in offering not only professional and integrated communications solutions in Microsoft Office 365, but also in personalized “Carefree Cloud,” which includes migration, onboarding and core technical support solutions to meet the real needs of small businesses.

According to Frost and Sullivan’s analysis, despite smart communications and collaboration tools being critical in achieving success in the current economic conditions, the small business enterprises have received only nominal attention from both the wired and wireless communication vendors. However, as of late, more and more wireless carriers in the United States have begun to realize that the increasing sales potential of their communications solutions are particularly tailored for small businesses. Despite this, the communication carriers have not yet customized their approach to meet the core needs of small businesses.

Sprint has also partnered with Microsoft to offer comprehensive solutions in Microsoft Office 365. The standard package of Microsoft Office 365 incorporates Web conferencing, professional exchange e-mail, access to documents in Microsoft Office on the go, instant messaging, file sharing and the potential to build a public website.

“We felt we offered a unique approach that would minimize the risk for small and mid-sized businesses to adopt cloud services, as well as offer them the level of migration and ongoing support they need. We’re pleased to receive this validation from Frost & Sullivan,” said John Dupree, senior vice president of business sales – Sprint. “Sprint is focused on simplifying cloud solutions for businesses with an enhanced experience and continued network investment they can trust not just today, but as their cloud and mobile data demands and business challenges evolve.”

“We firmly believe that Sprint stands out among its peers by offering not only a tightly integrated, professional communications solution in Microsoft Office 365; the wireless provider also meets real small business needs by providing its personalized “Carefree Cloud” onboarding and migration services at no additional charge,” said Jeanine Sterling, principal analyst  at Frost & Sullivan. “Too often, technology can act as a barrier instead of as an enabler. Sprint doesn’t leave small businesses to just cope with day-to-day demands on their own, but instead serves as a true growth partner.”

Carefree Cloud is available with all Office 365 plans offered by Sprint at no additional charge (the onboarding and migration services portion of Carefree Cloud is provided at no additional charge when used within the first 90 days of purchase) to all employees within a business, so companies have the flexibility to receive the level of migration and ongoing support they need.

Based on these core benchmarking factors, Frost and Sullivan recognized Sprint with the award for Customer Value Enhancement 2012.

Click here to view more details about Frost & Sullivan’s research.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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