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January 21, 2013

Blackberry Revolutionizes Operating System with Blackberry 10

In the competition between mobile phones, most companies got stuck behind in the dust of the iPhone revolution. Mobile users around the world became transfixed on its browsing capabilities, newfound app world and one of a kind touch screen.

As users began to crossover, the once notorious business savvy Blackberry began to fade away as the demand and market value dropped steadily against the iPhone. For a few years there haven’t been any developments for Blackberry that would help regain its title in the mobile world, until now. Blackberry has changed its App world name to Blackberry World, and with the new name comes an entire transformation in its internal workings.

RIM (Research in Motion) has dedicated the time it took off from releasing new Blackberry editions to create an operating system that incorporates the BYOD trend, mobile device integration capabilities and social media platforms that users demand.

RIM will be launching its new operating system, Blackberry 10, which will be a one stop shop for entertainment. The new system will have several ways to browse, download, purchase and manage content that can be accessed via Blackberry smartphones, Blackberry playbook tablet or computers. 

According to RIM chief Thorsten Heins in an interview with the German newspaper, Die Welt, Blackberry 10 will appeal to both home users and corporate users, as the two worlds can easily be separated on one device. The new operating system can be divided into two parts and will be encrypted differently.

“Users can then decide whether to use the smartphone for business or just. Select the business use, they only have access to the applications and data that allows you, the employer. Other way around, an administrator cannot access the personal information.”

Along with the BYOD trend incorporated into the Blackberry, RIM is focusing on integrating its new smartphones into different platforms, like the automobile industry.

There are an endless amount of apps available for Android, iPhone and old Blackberry world, yet a large portion of them prove to be low quality and inefficient. For the new Blackberry world, Heins says that it will aim for quality apps, not quantity, with about 70,000 applications available in the new Blackberry world.

The new system will also include social media influences, as you will be able to share content though BBM, FaceBook and Twitter. Users will also be able to tap their smartphones together to invite others to download their favorite app.

Blackberry is still a favorite choice for business lovers on the go, but in the wake of such a technological revolution the only way for it to reclaim its value on the market and attract mass audiences again was revamp, and they did just that.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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