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January 21, 2013

The Next Stop for Apps is the Courtroom

As almost every industry begins to embrace the mobility trend and incorporate it into its daily operations, it seems that lawyers need their own form of app protection.

CASEFOLIO has just been released as an iPad app for lawyers, serving as a legal document review pad. Just as the medical industry has begun to create new EMR systems that eliminate the many documents that need to be filed, a new app for lawyers creates the same paperless solution. 

The new app provides security, mobility and a solution for the endless amounts of legal papers lawyers are forced to review and carry around. It allows users to review large amounts of documents from any location and at any time via a wireless network, and the ability to annotate and share the documents with other colleagues.  The app also provides an internal search engine for users to filter and sort documents, as we know how heavy a case folder can be.

CASEFOLIO integrates the BYOD trend, paperless filing systems and mobility into a single app, where users all around the world can benefit from its solutions.

In comparison with other document reviews on the market, Corrs head of Legal Technology Brian Borskjaer, a part of the year long trial in Australia, said that “while PDF viewer iOS apps are a dime-a-dozen, CASEFOLIO enables lawyers to review, search, annotate, tag and order document in a secure and simple way, without the need to log onto large litigation databases."

CASEFOLIO is predicted to lift the weight off lawyers shoulder’s and replace it with a slim, fit iPad.

The CASEFOLIO app can be downloaded free for evaluation from the Australian, US, Canadian and UK iTunes stores. For more information about CASEFOLIO, click here.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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