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January 21, 2013

Spanish Mobile Operators and Ascom Network Testing "joyn" Forces to Provide RCS-e

Ascom Network Testing, a wireless communication company, announced on January 17 that it would be pairing with Spanish mobile providers who will be adopting Ascom's TEMS Monitor Master Mobile application performance monitoring solution to improve its’ joyn RCS services.

In pursuit of higher quality rich communication services (RCS), the GSMA is pushing for a new “enhanced” standard, which would enable services like live video calls and file transfers between any device and any network. RCS-e is rapidly eclipsing current over-the-top (OTT) solutions as customers demand an increased level of connectivity and service from mobile providers.

Spain's three most prominent mobile operators —Movistar (Telelfonica), Orange, and Vodafone— are supporting the new GSMA standard and with the new availability of joyn. Spain will be the world's first country to offer a full suite of rich communication solutions to subscribers.

Customers that have access to the new joyn services will be able to take advantage of RCS features supported by their mobile devices whether within Wi-Fi networks or the carrier's mobile network, including simultaneously exchanging pictures and video during calls. It is anticipated that VoIP calling technology will be added to joyn's capabilities in the near future.

TEMS Monitor Master paired with Ascom's TEMS Discovery services, which is a post-processing platform for data gathered through services like TEMS Monitor Master. TEMS Discovery allows users to seamlessly troubleshoot issues and monitor performance.

RCS-e applications are enabled by Ascom's TEMS Monitor Master, which allows carriers to monitor popular applications and keep them functioning above acceptable minimums. This is in contrast to today's OTT services, which function via mobile devices, rather than because the network permits it.

Ascom Network Testing is committed to furthering new technology and collaborating with manufacturers and standards organizations within the telecommunications industry.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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