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January 21, 2013

Mobile Information Systems Retains Capital C for Marketing Campaigns

Mobile Integrated Systems is retaining MDC marketing agency Capital C to develop global campaigns for two major product launches.

“The Capital C branding team captured the power and potential of both of our technology solutions to develop brilliant launch campaigns that will engage our target audience in the channels they live, work and trade," Murray Simser, president and CEO of Mobile Integrated Systems, said in a statement. "We continue our strategy of fishing where the fish are."

“Innovation is the lifeblood of any business, and MIBI has developed two breakthrough software solutions,” Capital C CEO Tony Chapman said. “One uses mobile technology with the potential to put any lottery within arm's reach of desire while the other truly revolutionizes online trading. As a creative agency, you couldn't ask for more to shape your strategies and creative work.”

MIBI focuses on mobile applications and transaction to a number of sectors, including gaming, lottery and finance, as well as other markets. Capital C has worked with a number and U.S. and international companies, and was recognized as “Agency of the Year” by Marketing Magazine.

One of Mobile Integrated Systems applications, Stealth Analytics, has already gained a lot of attention when it was featured as part of the Bloomberg App Portal available to users of the Bloomberg Professional Service, including the Bloomberg terminals that have become ubiquitous on Wall Street.

Stealth Analytics allows traders to analyze the flow of bid/ask prices of securities and to attempt to predict future behavior.

“Predicting the future might be impossible, but Stealth Analytics could be the next best thing," Murray Simser said in December when Stealth Analytics launched in North America. "It's a proven, highly effective tool that can help investors consistently make informed decisions with more efficiency and less risk. We are excited to introduce Stealth Analytics to the North American market and look forward to helping investors make smarter trades."

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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