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January 22, 2013

Tango Networks Talks Tech, the Customer Experience and More

Two elements invaluable to a business looking to remain competitive as well as profitable are technology and customer satisfaction. With next generation technology in place, processes are made easier, projects are completed much more quickly, and costs are reduced. This in turn enables clients to rest assured that they have teamed with the ideal partner, helping to bring the customer experience to an unparalleled level.

Tango Networks is a company headquartered in Texas with a Western European office in the United Kingdom. It is touted as transforming any mobile device into an enterprise office phone through connecting the corporate infrastructure to the mobile network, and knows that both technology and happy customers are even more key today than in the past.

According to Noah Sessions, director of Market Development, Tango Networks, “Mobile phone use in the workplace is increasing dramatically. However, it’s the type of mobile phone use that is the most interesting. We agree with the recent industry reports noting that the ‘bring your own device (BYOD)’ trend is expanding. However, we’re also pleased to see this as we know we have the solutions to meet and enhance an enterprise’s BYOD needs.”

The company’s network-based mobile UC offering powers a client-less, optimized solution that truly extend both unified communications (UC) and PBX features that are typically only seen within desk phones directly to mobile devices. “Since our solution is client-less, our solution works with any mobile phone connected to the enterprise network – allowing us to provide a completely BYOD-compatible solution. We’ve prided ourselves with delivering technology that evolves with the changing telecommunications landscape,” Sessions added.

When discussing technology that is changing the enterprise landscape, it is impossible to skip over cloud computing. The cloud has brought notable advantages to organizations in nearly every industry and it is now being looked upon as yet another option in delivering mobile UC services. In fact, Tango Networks remains on the forefront of innovations being introduced that are related to cloud computing and its cloud-based solution Cloud Connect, offers a single, easily managed, secure system that delivers proven features such as extend familiar PBX features and advanced mobile UC applications to any mobile device. Since it’s not hardware dependent, it provides a highly flexible and scalable solution that delivers important mobile UC solutions that customers expect.

Shifting gears to the next factor that could truly make or break a firm known as the customer experience, Sessions commented that “a positive customer experience can be created by offering just two things: knowledgeable customer service, and proven high-performance solutions that surpass current industry offerings. Customer feedback is one of the most important indicators by which we measure ourselves – and we take that very seriously. But we also know that our friendly demeanor is not the only reason why we’re being implemented in enterprises, and partnering with service providers worldwide. “

The company works to continuously revamp its solutions and applications in order to meet changing demands of employees, ensuring seamless, secure integration into corporate UC/PBX systems while also delivering network-based policy control and enforcement for customizable and personalized usage plans. 

One thing to note however, in regards to mobility, is that mobile UC is not a one size fits all solution. The mobile expert realizes that while most business environments mandate a comprehensive integrated solution, an important differentiator between it and competitors is that Tango offers a solid mobile UC solution that ensures seamless, secure integration into corporate UC/PBX systems.

“With our three deployment models: Enterprise Connect, Small Cell Connect, and Cloud Connect, we offer versatile functionality regardless of deployment requirements. Our mobile UC offerings provide seamless connectivity, that allows enterprises to take control of their networks and enforce polices, whereas service providers can increase revenue, reduce churn, and also monetize small cells,” he added.

To see firsthand how the company’s portfolio is filled to the brim with device-agnostic and client-less solutions that support and enhance an enterprise’s overall BYOD strategy in addition to easing the company wide roll out of mobile UC, be sure to attend the upcoming ITEXPO Miami 2013 taking place from January 29-February 1 in Miami, Fla. Sessions will be speaking at the session titled, “Creating an Unbeatable Mobile UC Experience” on Thursday, January 31 from 2:30-3:15 p.m. He will be joined by John Cash from Research in Motion, Doug Makishima representing D2 Technologies, Inc. and Randy Roberts on behalf of Siemens Enterprise. Larry Lisser, Embrase will serve as moderator during the exciting event.

When asked what he was most excited about in regards to the upcoming conference, Sessions concluded, “the warm weather and some good Cuban cuisine” but I’m sure he is just excited about newly unveiled solutions and products that are sure to be on display which can enhance customer satisfaction as well as the mobile experience overall.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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