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January 24, 2013

EE Launches UK's First 4G Mobile Network with Gemalto

UK Digital Security Company Gemalto announced on Wednesday its plans to deliver its UpTeq LTE SIM applications with embedded software to EE, for the company’s launch of the UK’s first-ever 4G mobile network.

As the most advanced communications company in the country, EE had to be sure of its choice; it needed the right company to power its high-profile launch, and Gemalto fit the bill.

“EE is leading the introduction of LTE in the UK, and the Gemalto UpTeq LTE front-end and back-end software technologies allows them to rapidly leverage the full potential of LTE networks,” said Gemalto’s vice president of telecommunications, Philippe Vrignaud.

EE’s 4G service has already gone live in 18 cities and towns across the UK, with 98 percent of the population scheduled to receive coverage by the fourth quarter of 2014. Roughly 17 more UK cities and towns are set to be covered by the end of March 2013.

Simon Frumkin, vice president of procurement and supply chain for EE, commented on the momentous deployment.

“Gemalto was able to meet our very challenging requirements in terms of planning, capacity and overall program delivery,” Frumkin explained. “Gemalto moreover demonstrated the technical expertise required to assist EE in defining its services precisely, and in implementing quickly the card software functionalities as well as the back-end applications.”

EE’s high standards may explain why the company has taken so long to introduce 4G to the UK.

4G technology will allow consumers in the UK unprecedented speed for their mobile devices, with low latency and a loading speed of up to five times faster than 3G capabilities.

There are understandably many commercial and technological standards involved in such a large-scale, country-wide launch, so much is expected from Gemalto’s UpTeq LTE offering.

Vrignaud is confident in his company however, and adds “Through the support of Gemalto, EE enjoys immediate access to all the knowledge and expertise acquired in our recent high profile deployments in Japan and the US.”

The software package included in the SIM card is embedded for EE in both the Micro SIM Plus format, and the nano SIM (4FF) format, and is also compliant with the latest industry standards, so customers can get the full range of features and offerings of a 4G network--these include many data-rich services such as HD video, live TV, music and multi-user gaming, to name only a few.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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