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January 24, 2013

Star8 Corporation Releases Review of 2012 and Positive Outlook for 2013

At the start of the 2013, corporations and companies all over the world had meetings, conferences and reports concerning how their businesses were doing in 2012, what the outlook for 2013 is, and changes they can make to improve business overall.

Star8 Corporation is just one example of a company that had these corporate discussions, and now has released the results of their talks, including specific figures collected over the past year.

The Hong Kong-based mobile smartphone provider, founded in 2009, touts its low cost, full-featured phones with a predominantly pre-paid open subscriber base and a focus on emerging markets.

In 2012, the company saw their total revenue spike, and if their fourth-quarter predictions are correct, the company could pull in $2.3 to $2.6 million for the quarter, finishing out the year with $5 million USD. 

Shareholders are interested in how the business will fare in the New Year, but the outlook is definitively positive for Star8, as the company has seen success in the last two quarters.

Star8’s president William Car commented on the expectations the company will rise to meet this year, saying “2013 is shaping up to look quite promising and, although early, we anticipate top line revenue reaching our goals set out earlier this year. We continue to see growth and will work very hard to reach these goals.”

Last April, Star8 signed with HLK partners to operate Star8’s Hong Kong subsidiary, with HLK partners receiving 20 million shares of Star8 Corporation.

As part of the agreement, HLK partners has the chance to earn an additional 60 million shares by April 2013, if the company reaches its sales targets.

With the HLK agreement, Star8 expects the year to start out building on the successes the company has seen recently, in addition to its plans to launch two more Axion-branded Android devices before this December.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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