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January 29, 2013

ITEXPO Miami Hot Talk: BYOD and Security

At a time when almost all the work office employees do can be integrated into a single mobile device – and thanks to the BYOD (bring your own device) trend, outdated systems have been thrown in the dumpster, and there has never been so much office space – and personal time freed up.

Businesses today have also enjoyed the financial perks of operating from cloud-based systems and avoiding the costs of purchasing devices for their employees.

But because the business is allowing access from many different platforms, devices and locations, there are also some serious issues of security that need to be addressed.

Touching specifically on this growing concern and hot topic, Intercede, a company that specializes in identity and credential management systems, will have Peter Cattaneo, its vice president of business development, speak on a panel during ITEXPO Miami this week.

During the panel, best practices to help secure today’s current mobile workforce, thanks to BYOD, businesses need to understand how vital it is for date to be protected will all be addressed.

Even though mobile devices increase accessibility and efficiency in the workplace, each mobile phone, tablet and laptop is also an increase to breaches in a business’ security levels.

One of the solutions Intercede offers specifically makes it possible to keep e-mails secure. With the MyID identity management platform global companies and governments can created secure identities for its employees and citizens to use on their mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.

With MyID, digital content and assets are accessed through digital identities and delivers trusted security strategies for government, defense, financial services and other industries.

Edited by Braden Becker

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