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January 29, 2013

Huawei Home Gateway Leverages DSP Group's Digital Cordless Chipset

As VoIP telephony gains popularity, Turkey’s telecom operator Turkcell SuperOnline is offering a cordless telephony-integrated home gateway and fully-featured CAT-iq 2.0 handsets to its broadband subscribers.

The Huawei home gateway HG253 and the Swissvoice handset IH250 are powered by DSP Group's digital cordless chipset.

According to the DSP Group, the Huawei HG253 fiber home gateway, combined with Swissvoice IH250 handsets, is enabling Turkcell SuperOnLine subscribers to enjoy HD-voice quality and value-added multi-line, multi-handset services.

In addition, Turkcell SuperOnLine’s the voice over IP (VoIP) service is being powered by DSP Group's XceedR family of chipset solutions.

In fact, combining the Huawei home fiber gateway HG253 with the digital cordless chipset, DSP Group has readied a reference design, enabling the development of a low-cost, small form-factor handset in compliance with the HD-supported DECT CAT-iq standard.

Zhi Hao, vice president of home device products line at Huawei, said, “We are seeing increasing interest and demand for integrating digital cordless telephony into home gateways as integrated access devices. The release of the HG253 has advanced VoIP voice quality to residential subscribers with HD-voice through DECT technology.”

“By working with DSP Group, we're able to deliver the best of wireless and cordless technology to operators, who are now moving to provide integrated broadband data and telephony services through the IP network,” he added.

In another statement, Swissvoice managing director Sebastien De La Bastie, said, "We are pleased to provide our IH250 handset to Turkcell SuperOnLine and are confident that users will benefit from cutting-edge cordless telephony functionality and outstanding audio quality."

“Our close collaboration with DSP Group is key to maintaining our leadership in the CAT-iq phone space," noted the managing director.

Edited by Braden Becker

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