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January 30, 2013

WNM Live Updates its App for Windows Phone

While society today may have more ways to connect than ever before, it’s also more disconnected than ever. With very few things that can’t be done from home these days—shopping, renting movies, and for many people, even working—meeting people can be tough, especially in a new town. 

Enter WNM Live, a social network that is all about meeting new people in your area in what they tout “a fun, easy and secure way.”

WNM Live cites a Harris Interactive survey, which found that "36 percent of American adults have met a good friend through technology, while more than half of all American adults are currently pursuing new friendships."

Now, people with Windows Phone 8 are able to pursue such friendships, thanks to WNM’s recent update of their app for Microsoft.

Optimized for Windows 8, the new version of the app offers enhanced Live Tiles that bring users their messages, without having to open the app, as well as providing them with their Live Stream comments and messages, without having to unlock their phone. 

It also offers a ‘Tap4Points’ feature, which rewards WNM Live users with points for meeting other users in real life and utilizing NFC technology to verify by tapping phones.

The Windows Store has just reached a milestone of 40,000 apps, so Windows Phone users may be able to stop worrying about being left in the dust where apps are concerned. Overall, reviewers in the Windows Store have been positive about WNM Live, but earlier reviews said it “could be a little easier to use.” 

It looks like WNM Live has heard their requests, and new reviews will most likely reflect that. With a completely new way of doing things, Windows may pose some initial challenges for developers, but the learning curve does seem to be flattening out.

Edited by Braden Becker

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