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January 30, 2013

Nokia Siemens Networks Sits Down with TMCnet

The impact of smart devices and mobile OS continues to change both enterprise and consumer communications, and in turn, the network planning conducted by Nokia Siemens Networks, a specialist in mobile broadband, is enabling end users to gain access to capabilities they never had imagined.

The company truly understands how important mobility is to workforces throughout the world, realizing as a mobile operator that your firm will likely be forced to overcome an array of obstacles that could place a heavy weight upon your network. That is why it is revolutionizing infrastructures in order to transition these obstacles into opportunities.

It is important to note here that mobility and mobile broadband is different than traditional IP and related approaches to networking. The complexity around mobility means it is not just about how big a number or capacity of bits and bytes being routed and forwarded are.

In a recent interview, MobilityTechzone had the chance to speak with Chris Ebert, head of Network Systems Strategic Product Marketing, Nokia Siemens Networks, who revealed that the cloud is completely changing the way it does business. Ebert said, “The cloud is a big topic with many issues but three that come top of mind are: 1) the move towards COTS-ATCA hardware vs. traditional proprietary telco platforms, 2) the larger role of software at all levels of the network, and 3) the changing traffic patterns as a result of the cloud in and accessed by carrier networks.”

Security is vital to any enterprise that must safeguard itself from different types of cyber threats at all times. As of late, the industry has been working to address several security-related challenges now being faced by consumers and corporations alike that pertain to the cloud specifically. Yet unfortunately, there a lot of bad guys out there who can exploit vulnerabilities that involve cloud-based architectures.

Further, social media is revolutionizing Nokia Siemens Networks customer experiences, as it as enabling the company to maintain profitable, differentiated growth that ultimately ensures end user satisfaction.

“This means many things when you look at mobile broadband networks end-to-end. For instance, the impact of the cloud nature of social networking (mentioned above), the ability for carriers to effectively manage and individualize traffic based on the type of load presented to the network and new techniques in more efficiently managing traffic while evolving mobile broadband networks,” Ebert added.

NSN has long been touted as an industry leader in advanced customer experience management systems. In fact, the organization powers a fully integrated approach that allows multiple data points about a subscriber or classes of subscribers to dramatically change the end user experience and satisfaction for carrier customers. 

He commented, “We are uniquely enabling proactive issue resolution, before the end user even realizes they have a problem as well as enabling near real time ability for a carrier to diagnose issues and end user requests resulting in single call resolution.”

While remaining at the edge of mobile innovation is key to a company deeply rooted in broadband, the impact of smart devices and mobile OS (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile8) means that the longer term growth forecasts that have been accepted for years need to be re-thought. And if you thought that 2013 could potentially be the year the laptop dies, you will need to think again, as it will be hanging out for at least another few years.

Something that is likely to happen this year though is the widespread adoption of video. Right now, Ebert says it already happening, especially within the younger generation and enterprises, and there have already been profound network impacts.

If you are on the hunt for more information in regards to the future of networking as well as popular techniques to meet increasing user demands such as software defined networking (SDN), then be sure to head to ITEXPO Miami 2013, happening right now in Miami, Fla. Ebert will be on hand at the not-to-miss event to speak during an enlightening panel session titled, “4G and Beyond: What’s Really Necessary to Deliver on Expectations” slated to take place on Thursday, January 31from 12:30 to 1:15 p.m.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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