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January 31, 2013

Mobile Marshal Helps Investigators Analyze BlackBerry and iPhone Data

To help investigators stay in tune with the latest in technology, ATC-NY has developed a new forensic tool called Mobile Marshal. This new application, which can be downloaded on an iPhone or Blackberry, helps detectives by collecting and analyzing detailed data from the phone.

ATC-NY, a subsidiary of Architecture Technology Corporation, has specialized in research and product development for years, specifically in computer security and digital forensics. The company offers most of its products for free or at a low cost to any United States Law Enforcement officer or employee.

To help investigators, Mobile Marshal automates the analysis of an iPhone or Blackberry back up by scanning the files and extracting particular information that might be deemed useful in an investigation. The application can pull data from everything including text messages, notes, e-mails, photo messages, and more.

“It will look at browser history, calendar items, contacts, geographical location history and photos. Mobile Marshal analyzes encrypted BlackBerry and iTunes backups when the passphrase is known,” said ATC-NY. “Mobile Marshal maintains an audit trail and generates detailed reports in RTF, PDF, and HTML formats (and many other formats as well). It runs on Windows XP or newer versions of the OS.”

In addition, the application is able to determine when multiple backups are found, create a timeline of events based on the data pulled from the phone, and even allow investigators to compare phone usage to specific dates.

This comes as the fifth forensic product ATC-NY has developed. Previously, ATC-NY released P2P marshal, Live Marshal, Mac Marshal, Mem Marshal, and Router Marshal. All of these products were designed to help with some sort of virtual or cyber investigations.

“Without automated tools, a forensic investigators job to find evidence of illegal distribution of contraband and other crimes is manually intensive and time consuming. ATC-NY’s forensic tools greatly help investigators reduce the time required for the analysis process,” said ATC.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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