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February 01, 2013

Cyber-Thingy Reaches Deal for Dominican Distribution

On January 30, Dynasty Limousine, Inc. announced that its subsidiary, Cyber-Thingy, reached an agreement with Dominican mobile carrier, Max Celular, an Authorized Distributor of Claro. The deal states that Max Celular will purchase 200 kiosk machines to position in a variety of locations, from convenience stores to dedicated cellular shops, around the Dominican Republic.

This agreement launches a beta test for Cyber-Thingy's kiosk prototype and of its distribution service. The company will be monitoring backend operations to make sure everything functions as expected. If all goes well, Max Celular may purchase up to 5,000 kiosks to operate in strategic sales locations all around the Dominican Republic. Cyber-Thingy will be shipping the first batch of 200 kiosks in the next month. The kiosk is expected to support many of Cyber-Thingy's services including: prepaid debit cards, gift cards, advertisements, and games.

Cyber-Thingy receives $3,600 for each kiosk in addition to a monthly payout of its share of the revenue, estimated to be around $600-$800 per machine each month. Overall, the agreement is valued at $140,000 per month in residual revenues. After the beta test period, this may result in even more revenue for Cyber-Thingy and Dynasty Limousine.

Cyber-Thingy's primary business is distributing kiosk machines to support a variety of services. They generate revenue from both the initial sale of the kiosk, as well as from transactional programs and services that run off the kiosk, including: top-up minutes for mobile devices, online bill pay, movie tickets, gift cards, and games with an immediate purchase option for all of its services. Cyber-Thingy kiosks accept both cash and cards. Through its kiosks, Cyber-Thingy generates multiple revenue streams for itself, but also for the myriad companies whose products are distributed through their devices.

More information about Cyber-Thingy can be found here.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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