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February 05, 2013

ASCAP goes Mobile to Help Music Lovers

A mobile platform is essential for any operating company, whether they are operating from a Web-based platform or not, as it instantly creates worldwide opportunities that it may not have had before. All industries have begun their conversion to the tablet or smartphone, for entertainment, work, and now, musical education purposes.

To make it easier and more affordable for people trying get a music license from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), the license is now available in a digital format.  The ability to purchase this license over the Web will give even more music lovers the opportunity to start their careers.

ASCAP has over 450,000 US composers, song writers, lyricists and music publishers, and thousands of music creators worldwide. It is also home to some of the most famous musicians in America, including Dave Matthews, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce and Marc Anthony.

The ASCAP organization helps artists with the many steps that occur between the times of recording an album to its release, which may take years just to see revenues. To make sure those music creators are paid for performances and offer them packages that include health and instrument insurance, travel discounts and a credit union.

Now in a few easy steps, owners of qualifying websites and mobile apps can buy a license online for $240 a year, with no annual reporting or maintenance.

"At ASCAP, we want to make it as simple and cost-effective as possible to encourage the use of our members' music," commented ASCAP Vice President of New Media Licensing Matt DeFilippis. "Music adds tremendous value to websites and mobile apps. We're excited to offer a convenient way for individuals and small businesses to benefit from the use of ASCAP music while fairly compensating our songwriter, composer, lyricist and music publisher members."

This new digital format has helped create even more assistance and opportunities for people trying to successfully start a music career. ASCAP will be able to reach even more music creators on a worldwide basis, and even throughout the US. While the Internet has been used for many activities, programs like ASCAP remind us of the undeniable sense of community and opportunity it creates.

For more information about ASCAP digital, click here.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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