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February 05, 2013

Sandvine Takes Service Plan Innovation to the Next Level, Provides Better Usage in Management Products

Sandvine, a major provider of intelligent broadband network solutions, has announced the release of its up-to-date version of its turnkey Usage Management product, with plug-and-play capabilities.

Sandvine’s new product offers service tiers, bill shock prevention, family plans, roaming notifications, data bundles and bolt-ons. It also facilitates unique service improvements such as traditional usage-based service creation and bundling data access with content purchases from retail centers.

Don Bowman, chief technical officer at Sandvine, said, "As mobile networks migrate from 3G to LTE, the need for universal service plans that bridge these technologies is critical. From prepaid services to postpaid family plans and bolt-ons, tier one operators rely on our speed, accuracy and commitment to standards to roll out new revenue generating services."

Sandvine's Usage Management 4.50 includes several new features, particularly plug-and-play capability. With its help, innovative service plans, shared bundles and individual offers can be deployed rapidly.

Network applications have been metered so that there is more accuracy in billing processes, and leakages are prevented. Real-time traffic classification enables efficiency and the new product can be integrated with existing B/OSS systems with the help of standard interfaces.

Sandvine's Usage Management 4.50 provides superior scalability as well. By deploying it, all big and small networks may scale up to more than 25 million subscribers. It has best-in-class implementation of 3GPP Policy and Charging Control standards.   

Sandvine's Usage Management 4.50 is easy to deploy and has proven interoperability with a wide range of solution partners, including DSL, 3G, mobile, LTE, cable and converged networks.

Sandvine’s solutions add intelligence to all types of communications service provider networks, and its Usage Management has been delivered to over 80 of them.

Sandvine's Usage Management has also helped launch a high-speed gaming offering for African operator, Vox Telecom, giving subscribers who purchase a new video game in a retail store, 40GB of additional bandwidth.

Edited by Braden Becker

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