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February 06, 2013

Seamless LTE Roaming Becoming a Reality

2012 has come to an end and we're seeing the progress we were waiting for in LTE technology, according to Syniverse's trials. If trends continue, we'll be seeing significant progress in the LTE ecosystem by the end of 2013.

In the last year, Syniverse conducted trials on end-to-end LTE roaming and interconnect capabilities with several mobile service providers around the world. The results? Many mobile SPs are flexing their muscles, demonstrating significant progress with roaming capabilities due to the new protocols implemented. During its trials, Syniverse was able to paint a clear picture of the challenges currently faced by mobile service providers in seamless LTE interworking. The areas in which there is most difficulty are clearing requirements, signaling and traffic flow.

Jeff Gordon, president and CEO of Syniverse, seems confident that LTE roaming will be very solid in 2013: "As end-users grow accustomed to the speeds of LTE, they will increasingly expect access to the same service experience wherever they travel. Syniverse's end-to-end LTE roaming trials have been a critical step to ensure mobile service providers have the real-time experience management capabilities necessary to deliver on these expectations by providing a seamless experience to end users as they roam from one LTE network to another in 2013 and beyond."

Image via 4G Americas

Syniverse's testing criteria included traffic flow validation, device registration and clearing requirement testing. The company used its extensive 25-year experience to help make the implementation of LTE roaming service as smooth as possible. Syniverse's experience in end-to-end LTE roaming processes has made it a perfect candidate to get the job of easing its onset on the consumer market and on the provider end.

While not everyone is connected to 4G, the increasing adaptation of all possible means of fast data transfer - including the 40 percent growth in 2G and 3G roaming sessions observed by Syniverse - shows that now is the time to start pressing for the advancement of LTE as rapidly as possible.

"The rapidly growing number of LTE networks globally combined with the continuous increases in mobile roaming volumes signal heightened demand for LTE roaming. We are working to ensure service providers are ready to meet these demands in the near term and well into the future."

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