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February 06, 2013

How to Satisfy Customers in the Retail Digital Market

In any industry, the most important aspect is making sure that its customers are satisfied, whether it is for a retail service, contact center or VoIP provider. This is especially important for users operating a mobile device, as it seems to become an essential part of both our home life and workplace, thanks to BYOD. Siteworx followed this idea by focusing intensively on its consumer’s needs and overall satisfaction with its products.

To further the understanding of its clients, Siteworx, a digital experience agency, released its research report "2013 State of Mobile Features and Functionality." Through a series of surveys conducted from December 2012 to mid January 2013, Siteworx dedicated its time to understand the quality of the mobile and tablets that retailers are providing users. The results aimed towards the digital marketers who are creating customers’ shopping experiences buying processes, both online, offline and across devices.

The first finding of the report refers to the retail industry, as it found that 65.7% of smartphone users surveyed prefer using a mobile website over downloading a mobile app to shop. Although mobile apps are a popular trend right now, for either technical or individual preference, retail apps are not yet swaying the decisions of shoppers.

Along with mobile website vs. app 33.2% of survey respondents cited access to product reviews as a key driver of mobile and tablet purchase behavior. For digital marketers, this is a key feature for their company in persuading customers to buy a specific product. The Easy-to-use product search, streamlined checkout and access to user ratings were the top three most frequently cited capabilities encouraging mobile and tablet adoption.

Digital marketers can use these findings as a learning tool when designing both their mobile website and mobile app. These are important customer demands that could potentially be the deciding factor in whether or not a retailers company is successful in the digital world.

For more information about Siteworx digital projects, click here.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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