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February 06, 2013

Trendium Hires Ihab Mahna as VP of Customer Solutions and Alliances to Strengthen 4G/LTE Solution

Customer Experience Assurance and Analytics provider Trendium announced on Tuesday that the company has recruited Ihab Mahna as new vice president of customer solutions and alliances.

Mahna is an industry veteran who worked formerly as an executive for Avvasi. He has been added to a team of industry veterans that Trendium has been working to assemble for many months now, in order to change the way customer experience assurance (CSA) is done, with a focus on reducing operations costs for 4G/LTE mobile broadband overall.

“We are happy to welcome Ihab to our team,” said Sameh Yamany, Trendium president and CEO. “Ihab brings not only relevant industry experience but also a deep understanding of the interaction between the network and video, in particular over-the-top (OTT) streaming video, as well as the key aspects that influence the customer’s perceived video quality of experience and how these aspects are related to the network and its performance – in particular in a mobile broadband scenario.”

Trendium’s solution consists of ViewPORT and the Network Access Agents families, which work to provide CSPs (communication service providers) with an all-encompassing way to identify, isolate and resolve network and service performance problems, in record time.

In fact, the company claims to have cut down the amount of time this process takes to only a fraction – just minutes as opposed to entire days.

The company is focusing on significant improvement in real customer service, and its solution allows for fewer personnel needed, less equipment and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Mahna explained the company’s outlook; “As mobile broadband adoption grows exponentially, CSPs need a way to not only know what the subscriber’s experience with service performance is, but also they need to be able to identify the party most likely responsible for the problem and, when the problem is in the CSP domain, be able to quickly and accurately locate and characterize the root cause of the problem.”

Mahna added that with Trendium, there is “minimal risk and a very low initial investment by deploying a small-scale head-to-end LTE assurance system that can be installed in one day and requires little to no configuration.”

From the beginning, Trendium’s 4G/LTE solution was designed to deliver 10 times the improvement offered by competing assurance solutions, in order to combat the growing concern that CSP subscribers are becoming more loyal to OTT service providers.

“This trend has a financial impact on the CSPs and is clearly a major concern,” said Yamany. “While the drivers behind this trend are many, this is often attributable to the perceived responsibility for the service performance issues. Subscribers almost always assign the responsibility to the CSP.”

This is why, says Yamany, Trendium is such an important offering for CSPs today. “With video becoming increasingly more important, it is paramount for CSPs to have real-time visibility on their subscribers’ experience with video as well as on the network-related factors that impact it.”

For additional information about Trendium, its services, and its new vice president of customer solutions and alliances Ihab Mahna, click here.

Edited by Braden Becker

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