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February 12, 2013

Gigsky Eases Travel Woes with First-Ever Universal SIM card and Mobile App

Gigsky has brought more options to the air with its new mobile data services marketplace, the VIP Global Traveler Social Club.

Gigsky’s Club is the first ever marketplace of its kind, a global-reaching operation that allows travelers all over the world to have access to top-tier carrier data services. Although not available yet, the company is hoping to drum up interest for this revolutionary new service.

The product works via two of the company’s products, the Gigsky universal SIM and its related mobile app. This product combination, in accordance with the newly established marketplace, gives globetrotters the option to choose only one SIM card that will work wherever they are.

With a large range of carrier choices, the program may not exactly ease all traveling stresses (baggage claim anyone?) but it does alleviate this one stressor, and should draw customers with heavily-stamped passports.

Gigsky describes the system as revolutionary, because it is the only one that does away with the common practice of bringing multiple SIM cards along on international trips.

Without Gigsky’s plan, mobile users do not have instant access from one universal SIM card that taps into whichever carrier is the top choice for the region they are in, so usage fees can add up. By cutting the number of SIM cards and plans down to one, Gigsky saves users significant time, money, and frustration.

“We believe that everyone deserves better access, greater choice and convenience regarding their data services,” said Gigsky’s CEO Ravi Rishy-Maharaj. “Gigsky’s mobile app, universal SIM and mobile data marketplace is our first step in delivering greater value to the world’s wireless consumers and carriers alike.”

Rishy-Maharaj added why the service should be popular with carriers, saying “For carriers specifically, we can dramatically reduce marketing expenses for mobile customer acquisition. As a digital, location-aware service, Gigsky provides carriers greater impact and efficiencies from marketing and sales objectives.”

The new solution won’t be available until the second quarter of this year, but the company is currently accepting pre-registration to its VIP Global Traveler Social Club.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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