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February 12, 2013

Allot to Develop Mobile Parental-Control Service in $6M Project for Tier-1 Operator

Allot Communications Ltd. has been awarded a significant grant toward a new project for a Tier -1 operator.

The grant totals $6 million, and requires Allot to complete the project over the next several years.

While the operator involved has not been named, it works within the EMEA, and is looking to create a new mobile program based on Allot’s Service Gateway Parental Control Service.

The operator likely chose Allot because the company’s product suite includes a host of cloud-based services that have proven highly successful in the mobile communications market.

“Allot’s Parental Control Service is a win-win for operators and subscribers alike,” said VP of marketing and product management for Allot, Andrei Elefant. “It provides operators with a new, easy-to-deploy revenue stream from existing network traffic and subscribers with the piece-of-mind that their families are shielded from inappropriate content.”

With the amount of violence on television and the Web today, parents are growing more concerned, and as a result the interest in parental control offerings for televisions, cell phones and other devices has increased significantly

“The rapid penetration of mobile broadband, combined with the proliferation of mobile devices, has left children potentially exposed to inappropriate content without proper supervision,” Elefant added, noting that violence is not the only common concern. The importance of offerings like Allot’s, including the one the company is now under contract for, are clear, so the time, energy and money spent on the development will be substantial.

The solution is set to be made in collaboration with one of Allot’s technology partners, and will include URL filtering, real-time content filtering, and file blocking.

In addition, the mobile operator has requested in the inclusion of protocol and application filtering, multi-policy controls for age appropriate segmentation, and online content inspection for URLs not filtered into any specific flagged website category.

The filters can be completely controlled and customized by the user as well, so if there are any sites the parent does not want the child on that will generally fall through the filter, it can be blocked manually.

The solution will also be developed to block mobile devices from malicious software that may be open to dangerous viruses or other information-compromising threats online, protecting not only the child in question, but the phone itself.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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