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February 12, 2013

Does Your Valentine Love His iPad More than He Loves You?

You’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day with a romantic candlelight dinner. After enjoying some spine-tingling intimacy, you roll over to cuddle with your partner.

Instead of snuggling skin to skin, you feel a cold LED screen beneath you. An Angry Bird titters in protest. “Sorry,” your lover mutters sheepishly, placing the iPad back on the nightstand.

We all know the male stereotype: He rolls over and falls asleep after making love. Not anymore, says Logitech.

The company commissioned a global survey to discover the overlap of people’s love lives and their love for their mobile devices. According to their findings, 68 percent of people say it’s okay to reach for your iPad immediately after being intimate.

Go Ask Alice! is a health question and answer Internet resource from Columbia University. In an answer to a reader question, Alice said that people do all kinds of things after being intimate.

“Sometimes they just lay there,” wrote Alice. “Sometimes they talk about the experience or how they each feel. People go to sleep, or get out of bed to go to the bathroom, or get ready for work, or turn on the TV or do numerous other things.”

That’s nice. But if your lover is playing with an iPad after sex, you may have more relationship problems than you realize. Logitech also found that 43 percent of people would feel more or equally upset if they broke their iPad than if they broke up with their partners.

In addition, 27 percent of people would rather spend the morning after with their iPads than with their lovers from the night before. So how do you compete with one of the world’s most famous electronic devices? 

Cosmopolitan magazine suggests having a post-coital plan. Instead of lying there hoping for a cuddle, be assertive. Offer a massage, or suggest a warm shower. Pay your lover a specific comment about the intimate experience.

And if you do want to cuddle after making love, don’t assume that a male partner is opposed. "There is an assumption that men are more emotionally detached from intercourse than women are,” said Carolynn Hillman, a New York City sex therapist. “But a lot of them do want to feel that closeness too."

Don’t hesitate to hide the iPad before your Valentine’s date. Just be careful where you place it. Twenty-one percent of people admit that they’ve damaged their mobile devices while in the throes of passion.

Edited by Braden Becker

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