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February 13, 2013

Swrve Creates Targeted Marketing Messaging for Mobile Apps

Swrve has expanded its ability to allow app makers to market to users with their new service, SwrveTalk.

Swrve has already given app makers the ability to send marketing messages to app users with the titular Swrve, but they have been sweeping, non-targeted messages. Their newest service, SwrveTalk, uses behavioral and demographic targeting to send relevant messages to the appropriate users. Smarter ad targeting leads to higher click-through rates and improves the efficacy of multi-platform ad campaigns, Swrve says.

App creators can allow messages to be sent to any apps a company owns. They can also choose and alter how often messages appear, when they appear and which types of players see them.

One example of a targeted campaign utilizing SwrveTalk would be to show a ‘big in-app spender’ a message pertaining to other games they can play once they start to lose interest in their current game, allowing their past habit of in-app purchases to now be used on another game that the company owns.

“Our customers want more than analytics,” said Hugh Reynolds, the CEO of Swrve. “They want to get right in and take action when they see opportunity. SwrveTalk gives them that ability to talk directly to key target groups, put relevant offers in front of them, and drive [return on investment]. 

Swrve offers mobile, Web and smart TV game developers the tools to give their users targeted marketing messages. Smart add targeting keeps users from feeling inundated with pointless advertisements and makes them less likely to abandon an app to escape ads. Swrve allows users to see marketing messages that are relevant to them, improving the chance that they make in-app purchases.

Swrve is already used by major companies such as Activision for their in-app marketing campaigns.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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