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February 14, 2013

Spring Design App Enables Screen Sharing Over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for Android Devices

Spring Design has created a more efficient way to share content between Android smartphones and tablets, called the ScreenShare Browser Pro.

The browser is an app available for Android devices that users can download to enable their phone screen to jump to their tablet, or their tablet screen jump to their phone.

“This is the first app to enable an Android phone to share a screen with a tablet or vice versa,” says Spring Design’s CEO Albert Teng.

The app was designed to make it easier “for both businesses and personal users to present, use and share Web-based content on their phones and tablets, even if their tablet doesn’t have a cellular connection,” Teng adds.

This wireless connection is what makes the app especially useful to users trying to consolidate data and information between their respective devices. For now, however, the content that can be shared is limited, but won’t be for long.

“We plan to add new apps in June to facilitate screen sharing of the phone’s local storage-based content such as photos, music, video and documents,” notes Teng.

The app does not require users to have a cellular account on their tablet, a requirement of other similar apps. Doing away with this step makes using the app that much more efficient, says Teng, allowing the ScreenShare Browser pro to sync the browser user interface instantly with no lag. The information can be passed between the devices via Bluetooth or the cell phone’s Wi-Fi connection, and Wi-Fi can be used for Internet access across both devices.

Another feature unique to this app is its ability to split content between the two screens, meaning the user can watch a YouTube video on the larger screen of their tablet, but can read the comments about that video on their phone--all simultaneously.

ScreenShare Browser comes in both Pro and regular versions, with the Pro priced at $4.99 on Google Play, but interested users can download it now for only $2.99, and throughout its introduction period.

Buying the app now is suggested, as users with the Pro version will get the entire suite of apps Spring Design plans to release in June for free as soon as they are released.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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