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February 14, 2013

Leanplum Secures $825k in Seed Funding to Make Optimizing Mobile Applications Simple

Leanplum, a well-known game optimization and mobile application development company, acquired a lucrative $825 thousand in funding from VoiVoda Ventures, TechStars and Kima Ventures, among others.

Based in San Francisco, Leanplum is set to help mobile application developers conduct regular optimization tests that provide immediate insight and some powerful analytics.

Product managers in the mobile and gaming industry need to make critical decisions almost daily, which has a direct impact on company revenue through the development of mobile applications and games. There is no alternative to making informed decisions through application store approvals, statistical analysis and development cycles. But it is not feasible to go through such complex methodology repeatedly, as most decisions are conjectures, and as such, never foolproof.

As a result, companies lose revenue most of the time.

Leanplum provides an ideal solution to curb this loss of money through the placement of powerful analytics for perfect interpretation of tests conducted. This helps development teams to pursue on-the-fly tests and do away with guesswork completely, while making informed decisions that improve bottom lines.

Momchil Kyurkchiev, chief executive officer at Leanplum, observes that this technology is a perfect solution for mobile companies grappling with this acute problem. The optimization of mission-critical metrics including monetization, user acquisition and retention now becomes much simpler.

Developers now get a flying start with maximum warm-up time of just 10 minutes. Once it starts functioning, changes to applications become effortless and do not require recompiling or additional coding. Product managers are free to test whatever aspect of an application they may choose minus restrictions. It can be anything from the overall look and feel of a developed application, to its promotional aspect or game mechanics.

This robust and versatile analytical package helps application developers to judge test performance effortlessly and bring changes as needed.

Angel Wright, Leanplum angel investor, believes the latest developments in mobile application and game testing techniques by this company can prove to be the difference between success and failure. Companies cannot afford to lose revenue because of arbitrary decisions made by developers. There is no alternative to continued A/B testing, especially when games and applications on the mobile platform are on offer as services.

Wright believes Leanplum brings an appropriate DNA that tackles the intrinsic problem dogging mobile analytics and optimization.

The company provides an ideal platform for optimization of critical metrics in various mobile applications and games, while helping companies save substantially in the process. Not only is it now possible to conduct tests whenever needed without preambles, developers may test the results acquired using powerful analytics tools.

Currently, this revolutionary service focuses on the optimization of mobile application development, available to users on private beta.

Edited by Braden Becker

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