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February 14, 2013

Caplin Provides More Functionality for Trading and Data Support for Native Apps on Android, iOS Devices

Electronic trading demystified the stock market and made it accessible for the average person. The influx of individual traders has been a boon for the market and Caplin is making sure the popularity of mobile platform will be part of the trading technology.

The announcement of the company for the immediate availability of Caplin StreamLink Android and the updated version of Caplin StreamLink iOS means customers will be able to create trading apps with native platforms.

Smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing PCs, and consumers are using these devices to do everything from checking their e-mail to paying bills, banking and shopping. Financial institutions have recognized this is not a craze, but the next evolution of technology.

The Caplin system offers financial institutions the ability to implement mobile platform applications with existing infrastructure without having to make additional investments in IT.

The Android version of StreamLink gives developers the ability to build trading applications for mobile devices. Additional tools from Caplin such as the Caplin Liberator and Caplin’s high-performance financial internet hub can be integrated to provide real-time connectivity for the apps. Having native support means Android platforms will have a path for development that is easier for developers.  

New applications can be launched with faster release dates, and the performance can be optimized to take advantage of the Anroid OS platform when creating trading apps.

The iOS version has been updated to be used with the StreamLink iOS with the latest software development kit (SDK), which can fully support the Apple iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5. The new update is designed to increase the performance of the iOS apps by using the native platform.

“Several of our customers have chosen to build native mobile apps. They are already using this software, neatly tapping into Caplin’s Web streaming infrastructure to distribute data in real-time to a variety of mobile devices,” said Paul Caplin, founder and CEO for the company.

The Caplin StreamLink for both platforms provides the necessary tools to make switching between different types of networks seamless. Whether it’s a cellular or wireless connection, it implements resilience with failover and load-balancing so connections are maintained with a managed connection bandwidth.

Along with the Caplin Liberator, the company’s platforms can deliver real-time pricing and trade messages with many different devices running applications written in the new HTML5, .NET, Java, C, C++ and the different versions of Android OS, including Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and 4.2.1.

Edited by Braden Becker

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