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February 14, 2013

Mobile Order Management from Ericsson Cuts Time to Market

Back in April 2011, a report from Light Reading Communications Network found that many mobile operators intended to make a major investment in order management.

The report pointed out that better end-to-end order management would cut costs, deliver services more quickly and increase customer satisfaction. A senior analyst for Light Reading, Ari Banerjee, pointed out the need for order management systems that automate redundant processes.

“Efficient, end-to-end OM solutions help manage the customer ordering experience, so that customers can order new and upgraded services when, where and how they want them,” Banerjee reported.

“OM solutions also help automate order handling, reducing errors and time to order; and boost carrier profitability by automating redundant processes and increasing operational efficiency.”

Recognizing the market opportunity for improved mobile order management, Ericsson has launched a new mobile order management platform. Specifically, Ericsson has focused on automating redundant processes.

In a company blog, Ericsson pointed out that the ideal order management system facilitated the reuse of proven and tested components. In addition, the system should coordinate with operations support systems and business support systems (OSS/BSS) to collect information about a company’s network capabilities.

With OSS/BSS information and tested components, companies can automate the creation of new services. Ericsson boasts that time to revenue could be cut by as much as two financial quarters.

Ericsson also focuses on the enterprise. Just as mobile operators need to automate and coordinate for quicker service delivery, enterprise customers should be able to quickly customize and tune up services for individuals, employee groups and company-wide applications.

Ericsson’s system also creates self-service portals that employees can access with mobile devices. Since employees would no longer go through the help desk, IT employees could refocus on innovation.

The mobile order management solution comes as a direct result of Ericsson’s acquisition of ConceptWave. The Canadian company, acquired by Comcast in September 2012, focused on order management and product catalog solutions for personalizing end-user offerings.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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