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February 20, 2013

M7 Managed Services Poised to Lead 4G Technology

M7 Managed Services Ltd. announced on Tuesday that it has positioned itself to be a leader in 4G telecommunications. The Cardiff, UK-based company will showcase its partner services at the Mobile World Congress from February 25-28 in Barcelona.  

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, M7 helps clients and independent service vendors solve problems using an IBM-based platform. It provides services including server infrastructures, remote management and disaster recovery. Managed services where M7 takes care of a lot of its customers' IT operations are also available.

Cloud technology is a major part of the managed services M7 provides. Disaster storage and recovery is available through the CloudVault-7 and the CloudRecover-7 services respectively. As one of the first managed services company to offer IBM Pure Systems solutions, M7 provides a turnkey cloud infrastructure to its clients.

As far as 4G communications goes, M7 believes that it is in a position to lead the market, coming up with ways that LTE operators can make money from their networks. This opportunity could be even greater in the UK, which compared to other countries, has been slow to adopt 4G technology.

M7 recently became IBM’s UK Center of Competence in the Telecommunications Sector, further backing up their claims about being in a position to lead the 4G industry. According to Neil Cornish, managing director at M7, the company is prepared to handle the expected deluge of 4G traffic:

“Not only can we provide the IT infrastructure and support required for these new projects, but through our partnership with IBM and our ISVs we can now offer a fully integrated solution that will enable large Telco providers to manage the unprecedented levels of data that 4G network will deliver.”

M7 may well be proof of the adage that ‘it ain’t bragging if it’s true.’ The face that IBM designated them a center of competence for telecommunications in the UK says a lot about M7’s ability to deliver in that area. With 4G being  a relatively uncharted territory in the UK, it appears that M7 has positioned itself to lead the way in providing that technology.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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