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February 20, 2013

Telenity Launches Enhanced Canvas ConsentManager Solution

A provider of advanced, innovative communications solutions and services, Telenity, recently announced the launch of its enhanced consent management solution, Canvas ConsentManager.

The Consent Management Solution by Telenity is particularly designed to enable mobile operators to address the privacy concerns and AoC regulations pertaining to location information sharing. 

A great level of subscriber satisfaction is dependent on several factors, which include personalization, a positive experience with the services and the privacy and charging processes involved with these. Certain problems related to the process or lack of any accurate charging system has intimidated subscribers in the past, preventing them from leveraging value added services to their full potential. This has not only reduced revenue, but has also increased customer care center operational expenses.      

Canvas ConsentManager from Telenity addresses the concerns of subscribers by making charging systems more transparent, offering complete visibility of how and what they are being charged before using a particular valued added service. In this way, subscribers will be satisfied, irrespective of whatever price is charged by the service providers.

Telenity’s Canvas ConsentManager presents a comprehensive set of advanced capabilities that address the charging related consent management concerns and privacy issues related to personally sharing the identifiable information like subscriber location. The Consent Management System seamlessly saves and enforces the rules that determine when, how, and to what level the service enablers like Messaging, Charging, and Location can be deployed for third party applications. The system offers subscribers a centralized process to manage the permissions where they can update, create, and reuse the permission rules across specified or multiple applications. AoC capabilities are integrated with existing mobile service charging systems, offering mobile operators a powerful and flexible way of accessing and requesting Explicit Subscriber Consent via SMS and/or USSD channels when a customer initiates the service flow.

As reported by Telenity officials, Canvas ConsentManager comes with the following benefits:

  • Seamless consent acquisition of subscribers via SMS or USSD channels
  • Integration with the mobile operator’s Master Subscriber Profile Repository and customer care systems
  • Charging the consent management system with advanced built-in flexibility and centralized user location for viewing and controlling the traffic between third party applications and subscribers
  • Maximum Retry Counts and Configurable Retry Period for consent messages
  • Templates of consent messages with different parameters that are easily configurable on the basis of language, delivery channel and operations group

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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