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February 20, 2013

iScan Online Shifts Security Scanning Service to Mobile Market with New Android App

iScan Online has created an efficient security scanning system for the cloud that is adaptable to any device at all times and from nearly all locations. And now the company is using this platform to create an even more impressive and accessible method of security scanning, called the iScan Online Android App.

The service works with both Android smartphones and tablets, and capitalizes on the recent trend of making everything from banking to video conferencing mobile, as well as the overwhelming popularity of BYOD among SMBs and larger enterprises.

Security scanning is a staple for any business in order to prevent information leaks and compromises to their systems, but in this increasingly mobile environment the success of such technology is significantly lessened. iScan Online’s new app addresses this problem directly.

The company’s security scanning system has been able from the beginning to scan all Windows and Mac devices, but now it allows administrators to gain access to previously unavailable insight and management capabilities.

“With the release of the iScan Online Android App we have taken a big step, providing visibility into devices that have previously been the dark matter of your network,” explained iScan’s CEO Carl Banszhof in a statement.

This idea of illuminating the dark is one reason iScan has adapted its technology for use with Android devices, which account for the majority of smartphone devices shipped in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to the IDC.

By tapping into the largest portion of the smartphone and tablet market, iScan is giving its service a markedly wide customer base to introduce its already successful service with its new mobile features. For instance, iScan is the first security scanning service that has secured unencrypted credit card data and social security numbers on mobile devices, which are much more difficult to pin down and secure, especially in regards to specific, rather than general, data.

“Android holds a majority share of all mobile devices accessing the network; it was important that our first mobile app be designed for the Android market,” Banzhof added. “We are really very excited to bring security scanning anytime, anywhere, any place to this explosively growing market.”

Some of the features of the new app include vulnerability detection, configuration-related issues, data discovery, enhanced password policies, remote lock and remote wipe.  In addition, the service allows companies to keep track of device location, which may be the most helpful capability of them all for MDM in today’s transient and international business environment.

The iScan Online Android App will soon be made available from the Google Play Marketplace, reportedly on or around February 26th, 2013, but for the impatient ones you can get more information on the app by visiting www.iscanonline.com/page/prod_mobile.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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