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February 21, 2013

Juniper Networks Unveils New Security System

Juniper Networks, a major industry leader in network innovation, just announced new security line cards for its SRX5600 and 5800 Series Service Gateways, says Yahoo! Finance. The new security lines cards will vastly improve performance and reliability for LTE mobile network operators, and are the industry’s singular high-end security solution, allowing mobile operators zero downtime performance improvements and scale to handle the extreme network throughput expansion.

With the mass shift to IP-based networks by mobile operators, exposure to threats tailored to stealing private information or otherwise impeding services has skyrocketed. Combined with the increased demand for online services via mobile devices, that means this new security measure comes just in time.

The new security lines cards include the following features and improvements:

  • Performance upgrades with no downtime, which applies to both in-service software as well as hardware upgrades. The lack of downtime is a feature limited to the new SRX series.
  • Support for up to 100 million simultaneous sessions as well as up to 200 Gbps of throughput using only one SRX series Services Gateway, with the SRX series putting firewall, gateway, switching and routing into one platform, all with simplicity and scalability at LTE speed.
  • New Juniper Networks SRX Series line cards are completely compatible with current cards and chasses, meaning current Juniper users may use the SRX5000 series to add to contemporary investments all while scaling to keep up with new customer wants and desires.
  • Awareness of mobile-specific protocols including GTP and LTE-SCTP, meaning the SRX Series is aware of firewalls and prevents attacks which specialize in leveraging or embedding in said protocols.

Juniper Networks is known for being a business dedicated to network innovation and delivering software, silicon and systems that transfigure the experiences and economics of networking for everyone from consumers to cloud partners through devices and data centers.

Edited by Braden Becker

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