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February 22, 2013

Gigamon Developing New Traffic Visibility Networking Solutions

Detailed in a recent report on Yahoo Finance, Gigamon claims to have derived a new approach to solving the big data crisis facing the mobile internet carrier industry. In this case, Gigamon is referring to creating a solution to help mobile service providers deal with the exponential growth in the volume of data being transferred through their devices, and the ability of those carriers to monitor and analyze that data.

A significant amount of the mobile data usage can currently be linked to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, making the demand to address big data low in importance for more than customer satisfaction, but with more and more businesses transitioning to mobile networks, the major carriers will be forced to play catch-up to stay in the market.

The two new products added to Gigamon’s line will now facilitate companies’ ability to handle 40GB and 100GB connections, with a significant increase in effectiveness from the 10GB solution they previously offered.

These new systems will be forced to implement Gigamon’s new Visibility Fabric program architecture to allow companies to increase what is known as traffic visibility.

This is a series of programs set directly into the network to monitor the data flow in real time and give a complete picture of normal operation.

This allows the program and those monitoring the network to determine when problems are likely to occur due to increased volume, abnormal data flow or limited signal. They’ll also be able to more clearly implement solutions to these problems by understanding normal operation conditions. The system can be scaled up quickly and changes can be made to it in real time to adapt to changes in network usage, limiting the need for any downtime on their networks.

These changes to volume processing will allow mobile carriers to implement systems on existing technology, minimizing costs and helping users reach their full potential with their devices.

Edited by Braden Becker

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