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February 25, 2013

SaaS-Based API Management Enables Scalability for Developing New Revenue Channels

Aepona and Mashery have teamed up to deliver mobile services and intelligence to enterprise apps. Their new solution, Aepona AMP Enterprise Connector, targets service providers that are opening their networks to developers.

 “The past year has seen the emergence of accelerated enterprise API use as more companies realize the business impact of connecting to partners and creating new revenue channels with APIs,” said Mashery co-founder and CEO Oren Michaels.

AMP Enterprise connector combines Aepona’s existing API Monetization Platform (AMP) with a number of Mashery’s developer services. These services include SaaS-based API management platforms and API Packager, which enables business-side management of APIs as products.

The partnership gives Aepona access to the Mashery developer community, which consists of about 185,000 developers. Mashery’s developer portal, as well as its tracking tools, gives Aepona both a new customer base and a way to integrate value-tracking of API initiatives for service providers.

AMP Enterprise Connector is designed to help service providers bring assets to market more quickly, while also providing them access to a major new developer channel thanks to Mashery.

According to Mashery’s website, anyone launching an API has to address many different questions. How will developers sign up for access keys and find documentation? Which apps accessing the API are delivering the biggest business benefit? How can an API deliver maximum availability and response speed?

A developer can bring either a new or existing API onto a SaaS-based API management platform like Mashery’s. The management platform then delivers security, caching, developer onboarding, reporting, partner administration and, best of all, scalability.

Whether companies want to manage a small developer community or scale their products to a large number of clients, SaaS-based API management delivers the necessary tools. As companies grow, they can always scale up their offerings thanks to cloud technology.

“Service providers around the world are opening their networks to developers through APIs and are gradually building their own developer communities and application ecosystems,” said Aepona CEO Al Snyder.

“By launching the AMP Enterprise Connector in collaboration with Mashery, Aepona can help them tap into this opportunity on a global scale, quickly and cost-effectively.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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