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February 25, 2013

Acme Packet's Net-Net Diameter 7000 Series Grabs Mobility Tech Zone Honors

Acme Packet has revealed that its Diameter signaling controlling solution, the Net-Net Diameter 7000, has snagged an LTE Visionary Award from TMC’s Mobility Tech Zone.

The Net-Net Diameter Director was designed by Acme Packet to address challenges related to security, routing, interoperability and scaling challenges over LTE and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks.

A Diameter signaling controller (DSC) facilitates the exchange of subscriber information within or between networks. When a subscriber turns on his or her smartphone, the device can shoot out dozens of Diameter messages toward billing platforms, location services and policy networks. Floods of Diameter signals have the ability to take down a 4G network.

By enabling the smooth exchange of subscriber and session data, a DSC reduces the mesh of Diameter connections that can negatively affect network performance. In a single product, it fulfills standards-based functional elements including Diameter Routing Agent, Diameter Edge Agent and Subscriber Location Function.

For LTE and IMS networks, Diameter Director cuts costs, ensures availability and facilitates management. It cuts the complexity associated with 3G, LTE and IMS while enabling cost-effective network scalability. Acme Packet’s DSC supports multiple applications including OTT, federated service delivery, VoLTE roaming, LTE data and core Diameter routing.

In addition to high-performance Diameter procession, the Net-Net Diameter Director utilizes Net-SAFE security and overload control, as well as programmable interworking and mediation. Its extensive and flexible routing policies, combined with compact and scalable platforms, mitigates risk while delivering rapid interoperability and fast time to market.

“As service providers continue to respond to the increasing demand for LTE and IMS networks, Acme Packet will be alongside them improving upon our own technologies and helping them in their endeavors,” said Pat MeLampy, Acme Packet’s CTO.

“We are honored that the editors at Mobile Tech Zone recognize and acknowledge our efforts with this award.”

Service providers can utilize the Acme Packet DSC’s monitoring and KPI reporting. They can also rely on the product for universal Diameter application support.

Edited by Braden Becker

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