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February 26, 2013

Sequans Announces Launch of Third Generation 4G LTE-Advanced Chip

Sequans Communications, a 4G chipmaker, recently announced the introduction of its LTE-Advanced Chip. The sampling of this state-of-the-art product is all set for the next quarter. LTE-Advanced Chip is a part of the Cassiopeia platform of Sequans that supports Release 3GPP 10 specifications. Cassiopeia is the third generation solution from Sequans LTE platform. The earlier version of the LTE platform solutions were Release 8 and 9, with 2010 and 2011 introductions.

Georges Karam, chief executive officer of Sequans, is jubilant with this high standard of development and said that Cassiopeia is the net result of the company’s overall 4G experience, which spans for over a decade. The final product is this extremely powerful solution, the LTE-Advanced, which is the industry’s first chip that supports carrier aggregation of 40 MH. This is exceptionally flexible by any standards as it allows a combination of carriers within the 20 MH size range. It can be intra band or inter band and contagious/non-contagious, as long as the aggregate bandwidth of two comes out to be 40MH. This chip allows operators to get the maximum possible value from LTE spectrum through implementation of this unique carrier aggregation from Cassiopeia; and this is true even for the smallest of slices.

Cassiopeia also supports the Release 10 enhancements. This includes enhancement coordination schemes for inter cell interference across heterogeneous networks and LTE Broadcast or Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) improvements. eMBMS technology solution from Sequans supports concurrent multiple sessions for multicast as well as unicast traffic both on FDD and TDD networks. It also provides eMBMS middleware third party standardized interface. This flexible and multifaceted chip is all set to revolutionize the LTE platform and bring in advancements in IT, which are beyond the perception of the common person.

Cassiopeia is a Streamrich LTE family product that offers feature rich and high performance LTE devices. It shows Release 10 3GPP specifications delivering various improvements and carrier aggregation, which every carrier needs for supporting capacity growth needs, performance, and spectrum flexibility. There is support available for both TDD and FDD duplex method. There is an integration of customer-programmable processor, which comes in an easy to handle small package. Baseband SQN3220 chip is designed in a 40 nm CMOS and provides a maximum possible efficiency by any standard. It can remain as a 4G LTE standalone solution or may exist with the 3G subsystem. Cassiopeia SQN3220 platform includes RF chips, reference designs, and baseband.

Sequans is all set to participate in trials for its LTE-advanced in collaboration with leading operators along with interoperability tests and Cassiopeia platform performance optimizations with leading vendors related to infrastructure and suppliers of test equipments, which includes Agilent Technologies.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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