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February 26, 2013

InterDigital and SemperCon Collaborate on New Mobile App Platform

InterDigital, Inc. and SemperCon have announced the release of CirrusCon, a cloud-based application platform. Application developers using this platform will be able to improve performance and connectivity in the software they create.

Wilmington, DE-based InterDigital uses a business model that invents wireless technologies and licenses them. It has more than 20,000 U.S. and international patents in areas of more efficient power usage, improved reception and bandwidth management. 

According to InterDigital executive vice president, Allen Proithis, adding to mobile applications the ability control connectivity was something of a breakthrough.

“One of the challenges in mobile application development is that the application does not control the underlying connectivity,” he said. “CirrusCon enables developers to build in connectivity control features, such as aggregating various connectivity channels to handle bursts in data need, offloading non-essential data to public or Wi-Fi networks, or segmenting data streams based on application features.”

Furlong, PA-based SemperCon develops software applications emphasizing cloud and mobile technologies. They also develop solutions for the healthcare industry, embedded systems and quality assurance.

The firm has partnered with companies like Sustainable Options, Orion Security LSP and NearVerse on mobile, Web and cloud solutions.

CirrusCon has already been put to use by several beta developers.

Bleacher League Baseball developed a mobile program based on CirrusCon that allows users to predict the outcome of a major league player's next plate appearance. Users can make predictions with friends and win prizes for playing.

The Business Calendar Network app developed by Basecamp Business is a mobile service for iOS and Android that shows upcoming business events. It also integrates with social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Wingman overcame some serious technical obstacles in developing its Wingman – Patron’s drink ordering app, designed for use in bars. Poor 3G/4G reception indoors had prevented the program from working effectively, and the use of CirrusCon improved its signal and locating features.

The development of CirrusCon shows how much application development has changed over the years, thanks to mobile technology. The typical application from about 20 years ago probably amounted to nothing more than entering and saving data – perhaps some number crunching and analysis to go with it.

It may seem like a frivolous use of mobile and cloud technology to develop something like the Bleacher Baseball app, but the importance of its technology shouldn’t be so easily dismissed. Playing the Bleacher Baseball game requires connecting with a data source and providing real-time information to the users. That technology alone is very useful, whether it's for a fun game app or a serious business app providing results that form the basis of many critical decisions from the top.

Edited by Braden Becker

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