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February 26, 2013

Tensilica Expands its Strategic Relationship with Huawei for Next-Generation Products

Tensilica Incorporation, a market leader in licensing IP core processors, recently announced the strengthening of its strategic relationship with Huawei Technologies, the Chinese multinational networking and telecommunication giant.

HiSilicon, the Huawei semiconductor division, is set to use the Dataplane Processing Units (DPU) of Tensilica very shortly. This includes the customizable processor technology of Tensilica Xtensa, Hi-Fi Digital Signal Processors (DSP) for voice and audio processing in set-top boxes and smartphones, and Baseband ConnX Engines – which are ideal for LTE handsets – and base station equipment for customer premises.

Teresa He, vice president of HiSilicon, said their collaboration with Tensilica is not a new venture by any means, as it has been going on for over four years. Both Tensilica and Huawei Technologies have worked on projects together before, and have come to realize that their collaboration opens up new avenues for their clients.

There has been a number of close joint ventures in the past for a wide range of projects, and this latest one is set to revolutionize the next generation of products. The shared history of both companies paved the way for their latest endeavor.

HiSilicon is ready to use the Dataplane Processing Units of Tensilica for letting its products stand out in the market.

Through the use of this state-of-the-art technology, it is possible to achieve a competitive advantage. The vice president of the Semiconductor division of Huawei admits that the cores of Tensilica perform at par with expectations, in addition to superb project support from the company in all regards.

This technology will enable the company to speed development time significantly.

Jack Guedj, chief executive officer and president of Tensilica, stated that they are pleased that HiSilicon has shown foresight, proving its ability to look ahead by gauging the true potential of core customization and standard IP core technology from Tensilica.

This is a unique toolset, which is going to help HiSilicon see the best in performance, area, power and time to market. Jack Guedj added that he was pleased that they were able to continue their close, mutually beneficial working relationship.

Tensilica Incorporation is a prominent name in the world of IP core dataplane processing licensing, and possesses over 200 licenses.

Edited by Braden Becker

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