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February 26, 2013

NTTBP Chooses Aruba Wireless LAN Solution for New Wi-Fi Cloud Service

NTT Broadband Platform (NTTBP), a subsidiary of NTT that specializes in wireless broadband businesses, recently selected Aruba Network’s Wireless LAN solution for its new Wi-Fi Cloud Service.

Aruba Networks provides next-generation network access solutions for enterprises in mobile space. Seven Spots, one of the largest Wi-Fi services in Japan, is powered by Aruba’s new Wi-Fi Cloud Service.

A lot of traffic is being generated on 3G and LTE lines by the increasing amount of content and information being shared on smartphones and tablets. Wi-Fi platforms are the best answer to manage the demand of connectivity and help in offloading some traffic. Retailers, service providers and other organizations that need to reach their target customers can develop and deliver finely tuned advertising content to specific locations in malls, coffee houses, restaurants and retail spaces.

With the help of Wi-Fi Cloud Service, airports, train stations and hospitals will be able to provide free internet service to visitors.

Aruba WLAN has the unique capability to combine high-performance access points with a mobility controller. That mobility controller can unify the management of both wireless and wired access networks. Aruba has context-aware architecture and has the ability to deliver customized content. It can not only simplify deployment and distribution of large networks, but also deliver quality performance in an optimized RF environment.

NTTBP president Tadao Kobayashi said NTT plans to strengthen its Wi-Fi platforms over the next few years and increase the number of Wi-Fi spots to more than 100,000 by March 2013 with plans for further expansion. He added that Wi-Fi Cloud Service can offer Internet, which leads to new businesses such as e-book distribution, content delivery platforms and the provision of collected marketing information. He also mentioned that Aruba’s wireless infrastructure was the only solution that the company evaluated as it met all the requirements of this innovative new service offering. He felt its reliable and easy-to-manage WLAN solutions meet NTT’s needs as well as those of its managed services customers.

Dominic Orr, chief executive officer of Aruba Networks, said NTTBP will install the Aruba APs and controllers and then conduct all the necessary ongoing management and troubleshooting of the equipment, while Aruba’s advanced WLAN technology enables retailers and other organizations to offer high-quality Internet access and value-added content that draws customers into their locations.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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