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February 27, 2013

Sub10 Systems and Texas Instruments Look to Set Industry Standards for Network Synchronization

Sub10 Systems and Texas Instruments Incorporated (NASDAQ: TXN) just announced their collaboration on new future backhaul solutions for small cell base stations. Sub10 Systems is able to effectively meet challenges that operators face when improving resilience in hostile radio conditions. This is done by using its TI’s KeyStone-based TMS320C6679 multicore digital signal processors (also known as DSPs).

Sub10 Systems Liberator V100 plays a crucial role in the backhaul of mobile networks by constructing a design for utilization for mobile operations seeking to increase network coverage and capacity. One of their roles also includes connecting mobile voice and data traffic from the cell site to the fast core network.

To help accomplish this, the Liberator V100 includes ‘Snapback,’ a patent-pending innovation designed by Sub10 Systems. The ‘Snapback’ helps enhance IEEE 1588 timing protocols and SyncE support in order to assure superior synchronization reliability and speed. Network synchronization is a crucial function in the quality of service for providers, and TI’s high performance C6678 multicore DSPs allow Sub10 Systems’ backhaul solution to re-sync quickly if a connection is lost. Reports state that it even allows them to do so significantly faster than other competing solutions in the backhaul market. So combined, TI and Sub10 Systems exceed current industry standards with the Liberator V100.

TI’s C6679 DSps offers Sub10 Systems access to devices that have high performance and at the same time is space and power efficient. The noted strengths of the C6679 DSPs help Sub10 Systems match the industry needs surrounding developing backhaul solutions tiny enough to fit on external objects such as lamp posts. C6678 DSP leverages TI’s scalable KeyStone multicore architecture in addition, which brings the most complementary support devices and comprehensive portfolio to Sub10 Systems. This enables Sub10 Systems to save time, money, and resources to focus on improving its products.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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