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February 27, 2013

Forrester Research: Five Areas to Dominate Enterprise Mobile Investments in AP Region in 2013

Katyayan Gupta, a research analyst with Forrester, recently published his findings on areas that would dominate and drive enterprise mobile investments in the Asia- Pacific region for 2013.

Katyayan Gupta's latest post can be found on his blog dated February 22, 2013 under the title, "Five key areas [that] will dominate enterprise mobility investments in Asia Pacific in 2013." In his post, Gupta specifies five key areas – telecom expense management solutions, business consulting services, packaged applications for mobile collaboration, mobile device management solutions and corporate app stores.

He expects that these fields would be the hub of entrepreneurial interests, and most likely to get major boosts through investments.

According to Gupta, the organizations operating in Asia Pacific will be more focused on providing mobility support for employees, customers and business partners. It’ll be the strategic priority of most of the enterprises in 2013.

Other tasks, such as moving communications applications to the cloud, the consolidation of operations equipment, and rationalizing and consolidating telecom and other communications service providers, will take a back seat.

In the coming days, Gupta expects to see substantial investments in "defining a formal enterprise mobility and/or BVYOD program strategy, including devices, applications, data access and provisioning," in the area of business consulting services.

He expects the area of telecom expense management solutions to grow as a result of close entrepreneurial attention in Asia Pacific. This is because currently about 50 to 60 percent of organizations are bearing the entire cost of voice and data services for company-supported iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Nearly 70 percent of organizations, he said, pay the entire cost of voice and data services for BlackBerry phones now. This scenario will soon see significant changes elicited by companies which will invest in trying to find the best telecom expense management solutions to suit their needs.

An independent technology and market research company, Forrester Research researches the existing and potential impact of technology, and provides insight so that companies can make informed strategic decisions and more accurately plan for the future.

Edited by Braden Becker

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