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February 27, 2013

StrikeForce will Showcase Mobile Keystroke Theft at RSA

At the RSA conference in San Francisco this year, StrikeForce will take a slightly more unconventional approach to its showcase, choosing to demonstrate a different, more effective way of protecting mobile data. StrikeForce is now using its innovative keystroke encryption technology to protect mobile keystrokes. The ease of which hackers can steal information like credit card numbers, private e-mail and text messages, and login/passwords will be a main talking point for the company.

StrikeForce intends to make people understand why they’ve built MobileTrust, a solution which protects data on all Android and Apple mobile devices, by showing them how it was done. Among the features of MobileTrust are a password vault, OATH compliant soft tokens, a strong password generator, the only keystroke encryption technology designed for mobile platforms and an encrypted database.  The keystroke encryption technology developed by StrikeForce is protecting over five million users in 100 countries as of right now.  Users can help prevent from falling into a lack-of-security prevention trap by leveraging this technology.

StrikeForce Technologies is the key patent holder and creator of multi-factor out-of-band authentication in addition to an anti-keylogging keystroke encryption technology. The company’s software currently protects over five million businesses and individuals in over 100 countries from data breaches and identity theft. Its anti-keylogging keystroke encryption technology, GuardedID, does not allow keylogger malware to steal financial, personal, and business passwords and information. 

The only platform to offer eight different out-of-brand technologies, including voice, instant messaging, phone, desktop and mobile tokens, and hard tokens, StrikeForce’s ProtectID out-of-band authentication technology is being marketed as a valued asset to several industries along global supply chains.  ProtectID can be installed and managed via StrikeForce’s hosted service offering, 100 percent on-premises, or a hybrid of the two. 

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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