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February 28, 2013

Clearwire Offers 4G Wireless Connections to Businesses

As mobility usage surges around the world, businesses have begun to rely heavily on mobile devices because of the portability and accessibility, and with the BYOD trend becoming popular in offices, a reliable wireless network is vital.

Clearwire Corporation, a provider of 4G wireless broadband services in the U.S., unveiled its new service, CLEAR Professional, a 4G wireless service for small to mid-sized businesses.

According to Larstan Business Reports, 87 percent of corporate managers in the U.S. say that Internet communications technology plays a key role in supporting sales and marketing operations. With that in mind, Cleawire created a new wireless network that would meet the demands of businesses as a primary Internet service that is fast, inexpensive and provides 24/7 year round technological assistance, a key customer service feature.

"CLEAR Professional provides options of primary internet service and dependable backup internet service, each designed to help ensure connectivity for mission-critical applications,” said Dow Draper, senior vice president and general manager of retail at Clearwire.

When disasters occur, or instances when Internet outages may occur, Clearwire provides its customers with back-up Internet to make sure that the businesses do not lose any valuable information or time. This is especially important for advocates of the BYOD trend and almost every business on the market; as it today, almost all daily operations revolve around a computer or Internet connection, even voice communication.

Internet services are vital for voice communications to function in an office that uses a VoIP provider. As VoIP begins to make headway in the telematic industry, since it is cheaper alternation to traditional and offers easier accessibility options, Clearwire has developed a feature that protects voice services if Internet services are lost or disrupted.

With Clearwire’s new 4G network, businesses from small to medium sizes can now have faster Internet connection while working from their mobile devices, which has become requirement for businesses to thrive in a world that operates in a digital space that never shuts off. 

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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