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March 06, 2013

Candaian Start-Up Mobiroo Creates First-Ever 'All You Can App' Membership for Android Apps On-Demand

Canadian mobile apps start-up Mobiroo is set to take the Android app experience up a notch with the first-ever on-demand service for apps tailored to the Android smartphone and tablet suite.

The way it works is users sign up for an “All You Can App” membership, which then enables members access to hundreds of popular paid apps and games for a standard monthly fee.

Not only will this save a substantial amount of money for Android customers--some apps go for $20 on Google Play--but it also features unlimited downloads, which will likely push customers that would not pay for a certain app to try it out.

The price the service is currently set at is $2.49 per month, which is 50 percent off the planned retail price for the service. In addition, there is no timed commitment, allowing an almost unheard of flexibility with this service, the only of its kind available on the market today.

“We’re experiencing a major shift in the way we consume our content,” explained the founder and CEO of Mobiroo Vinay Chopra. “Consumers are demanding services which give them unlimited access to their content.”

Chopra also notes that this idea has already proven successful in other markets.

“Netflix has done it for video. Spotify has done it for music. Now Mobiroo is doing it for apps,” he said.

The reason this is such an exciting move for Android users is that on average, according to a 2012 report from Canalyst, pay approximately $3.47--more than 2.5 times the cost of a top paid iPhone app.

“We’ve created a premium app experience which is affordable and low-risk,” said Chopra. “We understand why many Android users don’t want to pay for apps. We also understand why it’s difficult to justify spending $2, $5 or even $20 plus on an individual app, when you might end up not liking it.”

Membership to Mobiroo’s service is designed to boost interest in certain apps that are considered too expensive by many Android users, and then accommodate that interest, as Chopra says, “all for less than a Starbuck’s coffee.”

App categories offered by Mobiroo include games, health and fitness, music, productivity and organization, books and reference and other utilities, as well as apps that don’t fall into one specific category.

Examples of popular apps offered to Mobiroo members include Runtastic, Herocraft, Vector Unit, GameHouse and Binary Mill, to name only a few of the hundreds--soon to be thousands--included apps.

For hesitant Android users, Mobiroo is offering a seven-day free trial of its membership at www.mobiroo.com.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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