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March 11, 2013

Urban Airship Unveils MRM Solutions for Brands to Address Audiences Directly

Urban Airship, a global leader in mobile push messaging has unveiled its new Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) solutions that have a strategic focus on enabling marketers and brands to have a constant presence on their customer’s mobile devices.

MRM solutions are a new way to market to the mobile customer, which is increasing dramatically today as mobility usages surges around the world. Its solutions are oriented towards digital wallet initiatives and apps that address the audiences directly by enabling the customer to have a control, which signal a shift from the traditional way of marketing that focuses on interruption-based marketing tactics and paid media.

These are unchartered waters, and businesses are trying different tactics to engage customers by delivering relevant and valuable experiences and content to ensure their mobile loyalty. With the help of newly unveiled Urban Airship’s strategic services and solution enhancements, the brands and marketers can move to MRM easily and can make their relation building initiatives more effective.

Peter Roybal, the head of mobile product management at ABC News Digital feels that more and more mobile devices, it is important that organizations focus more on the consumer front as their success depends on companies handing over controls to consumers and delight them.

Scott Kveton, the chief executive officer and co-founder of Urban Airship claims that they know what works for building stronger mobile relationships, given their experience of having sent over 50 billion push messages, in addition to having doubled their number of enterprise customers during the year 2012. He hopes that Urban Airships would be expanding the value that they bring to organizations through friendly business-user-solutions coupled with best customers practices services that will aid in keeping the customers connected and closer.

Urban Airship’s expanded MRM charter and has redesigned user friendly interface, which can be optimized for business users. It has implemented a Flight Plan implementation module which will help and support customers from code review through to launch; the company also offers consulting service.

Companies eager to adopt MRM solutions can watch Urban Airship's video introduction to MRM. In addition, Urban Airship will be hosting Mobile Saturday at SXSW where successful mobile innovators with proven records from world’s leading brands congregate to share their insights and experiences.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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