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March 12, 2013

Privacy, Please! Telelogos Advances Mobile Security

A “Do Not Disturb” sign is easy enough to slip on a hotel door handle. But what about your mobile device or tablet? Protecting the privacy of one's smartphone or pad is difficult. A passcode only goes so far, because in some cases one wants others to have access to their smart devices, they just may want that access to be reasonably limited.

It's for that reason that Telelogos, a software developer company based in Beaucouze, France, has developed LOCKiosk Pro, an Android application that overrides the default home setting with a custom page that displays only the applications that the employer permits. Bye bye Angry Birds – unless said account holder wants his/her Angry Birds.

The authoritarian has total power over a smartphone or tablet's functionality, choosing what content can be downloaded, and what applications can be installed. The user has sole control over system settings, and has the option to block Internet access. Under an operational theory similar to the way that parental locks work on television sets, LOCKiosk Pro controls the applications available on any home screen, whether left out in public (airports, restaurants, and lobbies) or loaned to employees. The interface is simple: the administrator simply enters via a password and then enables or disables certain applications.

LOCKiosk Pro, available in Google Play in French and English for €5.90, involves no advertisements, and is compatible with Android versions 2.2 and higher. Telelogos, who has specialized in digital signage, device management, and data synchronization, among other software, for 30 years, offers a free version of the app, but it has extremely limited functionality, enabling an administrator to control only two applications.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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