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March 18, 2013

Thuraya to Provide Outbound GSM Roaming for Voice and Data

As networks begin to adopt GSM roaming capabilities, the more successful it has become on a global market, and thanks to Thuraya Telecommunications Company’s partnership with AT&T, this trend will continue to grow. Not only will Thuraya provide its mobile satellite customers with outbound GSM roaming for voice and data services, but it will allow them to do so seamlessly on the AT&T Network.

With mobility usage continuing to surge, users are now be equipped with the roaming tools needed to use any network outside of their geographical-designated coverage area, making it possible to have mobile access anywhere. Since Thuraya is a MSS operator and a global telecommunications provider to a variety of sectors including energy, broadcast media and military, this new feature will affect users worldwide and increase the ease in which Thuraya XT-Dual handsets are used.

“We recognize that keeping in close communication with each other is vital to both businesses as well as consumers today,” said T. Sanford Jewett, vice president of marketing at Thuraya. “We are excited to be working with one of the world’s leading carriers to provide Thuraya customers in the United States with this service. With more than 350 roaming partners worldwide, Thuraya is the only satellite operator that offers roaming services over mobile networks and we are pleased that AT&T is one of our key roaming partners.”

Thuraya’s entire philosophy rests on the idea of creating communication between any areas in the world, whether it is a rural area or the ocean, which is why it is the top chosen provider for the military and government. 

The XT-Dual is Thuraya’s latest addition, with a dual mode phone that works either in satellite or GMS mode, with the flexibility to find a network wherever a user may be. As customers already has GSM roaming in Canada, U.S., Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia, the addition of AT&T services to its client roaster list customers furthers its commitment to reliable global communication.

For more information about Thuraya, click here.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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